Reunion Analysis

“Reunion”, written by John Cheever and narrated by Richard Ford, is a story about change. Charlie, the protagonist has plans to meet with his father after many years of separation. Before the encounter, Charlie looked up to his father and would end up becoming him if it weren’t for the events that took place. Cheever writes, “He was my father, my flesh, my blood, my future, and my doom.”Charlie would have been doomed to mirror the stubborn ways of his father if he did not see how ridiculous his attitude was. Throughout the reading, the father is stern but extremely disrespectful,  expecting everyone to follow his will. Charlie’s father becomes so absorbed in getting his way that he disregards Charlie thoughts entirely. Every place they went to his father ends up getting them kicked out. After watching the true nature of his father, Charlie finally makes the push to just let him go, and move on with his life. Changing his fate, no longer being forced into the path of his father. The failure to change the his bitter ways, was the ultimate downfall for the father. The narrative style of Richard Ford also demonstrates the differences between the two. He convicts feelings of strength when speaking for the father, but also feelings of discontent and awkwardness while speaking for the son. Even though they are family, the events of the story cause them to end as polar opposites.


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