Thirty Flights of Loving Image Board


The short game, Thirty Flights of Loving by Blendo Games is a fast-paced, first person adventure. You play as a spy who is accompanied by a team of two. You crash a wedding, in an attempt to complete your mission , before making a daring escape. It is hard to call Thirty Flights of Loving a game, if anything it’s a story driven walking simulator. As the player, all you must do is follow the path the story leads you towards and all of its events unravel before you. Thirty Flights of Loving is a game filled with mystery and symbolism, which is why I decided to capture those aspects using a Pinterest image board.

The story is told in unordered fragments and it is up to the player to work out the plot as they progress. Once you have finished the game you are left with a collection of puzzle pieces of the events that had taken place, and it is up to you to piece them all together. I felt as though this is a crucial aspect to the game’s charm and so I represented it with the image of the puzzle piece earrings over the book. The choice of earrings came from the idea that the interpretation of the story and its meaning is personal, just like a pair of earrings.

Throughout the game there are messages and imagery of time everywhere. Upon close inspection you can find that the entire game is littered with clocks that are always jumping ahead. Although there isn’t much interactivity in the game, it manages to maintain progression at high speed. Without question you always move forward and leave the past behind, like the peel of an eaten orange. The creative tale develops its character in a rush as well. Both of the player’s companions are described through consecutive snapshots of their talents and aspirations. Even though this game goes by in a flash, that does not take away from its eccentric design.


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